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Marie-Claire Klassen - Mary, Our Lady Who Brings Down Walls: Advent Reflections from the Holy Land
Presented on December 7, 2020
Marie-Claire Klassen is a PhD candidate in Moral Theology at the University of Notre Dame. Her research focuses on the Christian community in the Holy Land and their commitment to nonviolence in the context of oppression. Before beginning her PhD, Marie-Claire spent time working with NGOs in both Jerusalem and Lesotho.
In “Fratelli Tutti” Pope Francis, reflecting on Mary, says, “In the power of the risen Lord, she wants to give birth to a new world, where all of us are brothers and sisters, where there is room for all those whom our societies discard, where justice and peace are resplendent” (#278). This lecture is an invitation to journey with Mary from Nazareth to Bethlehem and consider her story in light of Christians living in the Holy Land today. This talk will combine reflection on the biblical narrative with interviews from Christian women experiencing oppression in the Holy Land. Together we will explore what Mary and the person of Christ mean to Christians living in the Holy Land today and what it might look like for us to cooperate in bringing about the world Pope Francis describes—a world characterized by inclusion, justice, and peace.

These great talks will resume in the not too distant future.