RELS 465 CP, Influential Thinkers in Western Christian Tradition

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(3 sem. hrs)

An Introduction to some seminal figures in the (Western) Christian tradition. The course investigates their thought and intellectual contributions within their socio-political context and experience. 

Instructor's notes:

George MacDonald, GK Chesterton, JRR Tolkien, and CS Lewis are literary figures whose sphere of influence has travelled beyond the borders of the literary world and crossed over into theology and philosophy. Focusing on their works of fiction, this course examines how each author––inspired by an imaginative, participatory, and sacramental view of reality––uniquely defamiliarized and re-enchanted the ordinary and along with it theology and philosophy.

  • Prerequisite(s): Rels 101, Rels 102 and third-year standing (3-0)

  • The course meets the requirements for Christianity and Culture: Catholic Studies Minor.

  • In order to use this CPC course for any TWU Religious Studies Department degree requiring Christianity & Culture (6-9) courses, please seek permission from the Religious Studies Chair.

  • All CPC courses may be counted as electives for any TWU Degree.

  • CPC courses may count towards CPC certificates as listed in the Course Requirements for each Certificate.

Video: Bishop Robert Barron on C.S. Lewis.


14 June 2019


Religious Studies, 400-Level, Spring 2020