Dr. Andrew Kaethler
Academic Dean & Assistant Professor of Theology

Dr. Andrew Kaethler grew up in the Lower Mainland. He received a B.A. in Christianity and Culture from TWU as well as an M.A. in Religion, Culture, and Ethics. Following his MA, Andrew spent a year running (actually sanding, spraying, and brushing) his own painting company before his wife fortunately encouraged him to pursue teaching. Surprisingly, this led Andrew and his family to Eastern Europe, Lithuania to be precise. Here at LCC International University, Andrew taught philosophy, theology, and cross-listed English/theology courses for four years and during this time discovered his love and passion for teaching. After four years and two additional children he moved to St Andrews, Scotland, where he spent four years working on a Ph.D. in systematic theology at the University of St Andrews. Although he did not golf in Scotland, he did participate in the consumption of haggis, drank a few drams of whiskey, and danced at the odd Ceilidh. It was in Scotland, the land of the fiery reformer John Knox, that Andrew and his family were received into the Catholic Church, a ‘conversion’ process that began at TWU almost twenty years earlier.

Publications include “The (Un)Bounded Peculiarity of Death: The Relational Implication of Temporality in Alexander Schmemann and Joseph Ratzinger” in Modern Theology; “‘I Become a Thousand Men and yet Remain Myself’: Self-Love in Joseph Ratzinger and Georges Bernanos” in Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture; “Freedom in Relationship: Joseph Ratzinger and Alexander Schmemann in Dialogue” in New Blackfriars; “Eucharistic Anthropology: Alexander Schmemann’s Conception of Beings in Time” in The Resounding Soul: Reflections on the Metaphysics and Vivacity of the Human Person; and Introduction and Annotations to Georges Bernanos’ Joy. Edited with Sotiris Mitralexis, Between Being and Time: From Ontology to Eschatology; "Mary, Unity, and the Pathos for Equality: Alexander Schmemann’s ‘Scandalous' Embrace of Difference" in Logos: A Journal of Catholic Thought and Culture; "Manifesting Persons: A Church in Tension” in Analogia: The Pemptousia Journal for Theological Studies; “The God Who Draws Near to Us: A Ratzingerian Approach to Christology, Eschatology, and Protology” in Path: Pontificia Academia Theologica. "Royal Priests and the Integrity of Things" in Humanum (*see link below).

If his gaggle of geese - aka his six children - were not so cute and time consuming, his hobbies would include guitar, tennis, cross-fit (a really wimpy version of it), and eating pasta in Italy. In the very little spare time he has - the 30 minutes before he goes to sleep - he loves to immerse himself in good literature; his favourite novelists include Charles Dickens, Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh, David Adams Richards, John Steinbeck, C.S. Lewis, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Robertson Davies.

*"Royal Priests and the Integrity of Things" in Humanum: https://humanumreview.com/articles/royal-priests-and-the-integrity-of-things

Dr. Kaethler's Courses

Fall 2022
RELS 382 CP - Catholic Church: Theology & Practice
PHIL 333 CP - Philosophy of Literature

Spring 2023
RELS 105 CP - The Coherence of Faith
RELS 388 CP - Liturgy & Sacraments

Fall 2021
RELS 105 CP - The Coherence of Faith
RELS 366 CP - Theology of the Body

Spring 2022
RELS 375 CP - C.S. Lewis
RELS 388 CP - Liturgy & Sacrament

Fall 2020 
RELS 160 CP - Introduction to Theology
PHIL 333 CP - Philosophy of Literature

Spring 2021 
RELS 105 CP - The Coherence of Faith
RELS 375 CP - C.S. Lewis

Fall 2019
RELS 160 CP - Introduction to Theology
RELS 366 CP - Theology of the Body

Spring 2020
RELS 375 CP - C.S. Lewis
RELS 465 CP - Influential Thinkers in Western Christian Tradition

Fall 2018 Courses 
RELS 160 CP, Intro to Theology
RELS 399 CP, Catholic Spirituality in the Modern World

Spring 2019 Courses
RELS 160 CP, Intro to Theology
RELS 375 CP, C.S. Lewis

Fall 2017 Courses
RELS 160 CP, Introduction to Theology 
RELS 375 CP, The Christian Apologetics of C.S. Lewis

Spring 2018 Courses 
PHIL 333 CP, Philosophy of Literature 
RELS 465 CP, Influential Thinkers in Western Christian Tradition

Dr. Kaethler's Conferences, Events, and Videos


From Idol to Icon

CPC³ Lecture: "From Idol to Icon" with Dr. Andrew Kaethler

Dr. Kaethler delivered this lecture at Catholic Pacific College on September 30, 2021.

Arguably, the human individual and its concomitant the human body are idols of secularism. There is a certain irony, perhaps an irony shared with all idols, that such idolatry is so close, and yet so far, from true Christian worship. C.S. Lewis notes that if we could see our neighbour for who he will one day be we would be tempted to worship him. That is, “next to the Blessed Sacrament itself, your neighbour is the holiest object presented to your senses. If he is your Christian neighbour, he is holy in almost the same way, for in him also Christ vere latitat—the glorifier and the glorified, Glory Himself, is truly hidden.” Following Lewis’ direction, we could say that idols and icons are closely related. If this is truly the case then confronting the idols of secularism may involve re-conception rather than replacement.

With this affirmative approach I want to think through how idolatry of the body can be re-conceived as a step in the right direction, leading away from idolatry of the self, and how the body as an idol can be transformed into an icon. In particular, it will explore how male and female difference, or otherness, can be a catalyst for such an iconic transformation.

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Sentences & Sentience: C.S. Lewis & the Word

CPC³ Lectures Special Open House Edition: "Sentences & Sentience: C.S. Lewis & the Word" by Dr. Andrew Kaethler

Dr. Andrew Kaethler presented this lecture on May 14, 2022 at Catholic Pacific College for the CPC Open House. In the lecture, Dr. Kaethler asks, "Can sentiments be rational? Can words express reality?" Turning to C.S. Lewis, Dr Kaethler will explore how the death of words leads to the tyranny of relativism.

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