Counselling for Students on Campus

Guy stressed out

University life is a great adventure! It is a time of change and of growth in all aspects of our life. But as with any adventure, there comes some challenges.  

Perhaps you are:

  • Feeling anxious or overwhelmed.

  • Homesick or feeling lost amid all the changes.

  • Struggling with decisions.

  • Wanting to have more motivation.

  • Experiencing difficulties in relationships.

  • Wanting to discover more of your gifts and abilities.

  • Seeking to live more authentically who you are created to be.

You are not alone. As a community we support each other and encourage the integrated growth of our whole person, not only our intellect. However, we sometimes need individual help to live this adventure well.

Jane Waldock has joined the CPC community to help you by providing individual counselling (free of charge) on a regular basis at the College. Jane has an MA (UBC) in Developmental Psychology and a Diploma in Ministry (StFX). She is training to become a PRH Educator, and uses this method in her work with individuals. PRH is an international school of human development committed to help persons overcome challenges and grow to become more who they are created to be.  

Jane Waldock will be at CPC on Tuesday and Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. each week. To make an appointment to meet with her, please contact Jane.